Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kickass Mornings

This may be kind of freaky but true!

OOOOHH!! WOW! What a concoction! Beyonce hips with Angelina Jolie lips!!

I must be in heaven...

Suddenly!!! Wah!

THUMP THUMP THUMP!! What the hell! The ground is shaking! The head is spinning..The world at its end??? NOOOOOOOO!!!!


This is my ultimate start of each morning!

No No, we don't have earthquakes acting as our alarm clocks, its just our entering our home with his Godzilla footsteps.

My parents have been so charitable towards their freaky son, that they have placed the laundry clothes basket adjacent to my room. And let me assure you, it ain't the smell of roses or daffodils exactly...

What Time???...

Man! its 7 AM. Its The MIDDLE OF NIGHT!!

Okay okay... That doesn't stop me from justifying the gift of Sandman ;)

But wait!!! What's that???!!

Is that the voice of Chester Bennington from Linkin Park in my own house!?!

ULTRA AWESOME! Linkin Park is here avisiting!

No wait! Crap! Crap!

That's the other lil neighbor monster upstairs howling for his Mum!

And what screams & howls!! I am awestruck!

Damn! So close to my favorite group of singers & yet so far!!


Ahhh!!! Nice Bed!! Cozy Bed!!!


WAAAHHH!!!??? Christmas already? Must Meet Mr. Santa Claus!

Errrr.. okay... the size is right, pot belly and all... but where is the white beard and the curly white mustache ???

Wahhh ( Rubbing eyes) Santa got YOUNGER!!!!

And the gifts???

O Great! Three huge poly packs of double pasteurized milk! So enthralling! Woo Hoo! ... do the Salsa!

Ahh! Nice bed!! Cozy Bed Once again!!

" You lazy dormant indolent idle inert slack slobby slothful crack brained half baked wood head! Wake up this very instant or... blah blah blah!!"

OH NO!!!

Not another Thesaurus class from a Super Dinomom!!


( Dinomom continues...) .... and so.. blah blah... "I Don't know what he is going to do in his life!"


" Somewhere I beloooong....."

No no... that is my cellphone ringing and its a call from an ultra insane friend (?)

Conversation :

Me: (squeaking)Hello!

Ultra Insane: Hello Aunty, may I speak to H?

ME: Its Me only dummy, what's wrong?

Ultra Insane: Nothing... Just called to say good morning, and wish you a fruitful day, and take care coz no one knows when we are going to die!

Me: What the f***!! GOOD NIGHT!

Ahh! Nice Bed!!! Cozy Bed!!!

" I've become so numb..."

Oh No, not again! That is the message beep of my cellphone! Let me check... It might be a death information of my school principal! ( Hopefully)

Cick! Ah! a message from my ultra sexy friend of opposite sex!

A Real Eye opener that one! Or that is what I thought...

Here is how it went:

Poem by Elton John :

Love your love in such away that she finds no better place than your heart to stay. But if she still manages to get away, sorry dude its time to turn gay.


Wonder what she is trying to tell me? ( Do you guys have any idea)

Ahhh! Nice Bed!!! Cozy Bed!!!


11 AM.

Good Morning everyone! Where is my good ol' nano iPod!?!

I am ready for my Bathroom HOURS....

Friday, June 6, 2008

hey there people
i have come to rock your world